Maximum Animal health

Maximum Animal Health offer a range of unique advanced products formulated to support equine health and wellbeing supported by the latest research and the highest levels of integrity. Used and trusted by international team riders, vets and Equine physiotherapists.

Maximum Gut health

Max Gut-Health includes ingredients that have been shown to support your horse and incorporates the latest global scientific research producing a modern product that helps support your horses gut wellbeing.

Maximum Joint Health

An advanced complete natural supplement to help support and maintain total joint wellbeing and is formulated by the team from MGH who have over 25 years experience.

Max Hoof

A combination of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that help improve the hoof & horn condition, helping to reduce splitting and assists building hoof strength and as a bone helps promote healthy skin and coat.

Maximum Calmer

Help horses maintain a calm, focused temperament and reduce the effects of stress when under increased pressure of traveling, competing or in overwhelming situations.

Maximum Animal health

Welcome to Maximum Animal health the home of a modern range of nutritional supplements formulated to meet the needs of horses in the 21st century at work, rest, recovery, and retirement.

The Maximum Animal Health story started with our first product Max Gut Health that was manufactured to help support the hind gut, to aid and maintain the correct ph balance. This is hugely beneficial to leisure horses and equine athletes competing at the highest level of sport. The Hind-gut is so important to overall digestive health and is an area often forgotten about. We are currently in the UK, Europe, and South Africa.

Since launching Max Gut-Health, we have developed a comprehensive and growing range of high specification supplements with the latest scientific research and formulated to support your horse through all life stages.

Maximum Gut Health


Maximum Gut Health Plus


Maximum Joint Health


Maximum Hoof Health




Maximum Gut Health: Dogs


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positive feedback…
“Maximum Gut Health for us is the best product on the market. All of our horses are looking perfect, their coats are shiny and they’re feeling awesome.

MGH is also super effective working on youngstock as well. My horses competition results have been going up since I started this supplement!”

A Note From Sam…

“Working with riders of every level for over 30 years has given me a unique insight that has allowed me to work with equine nutritionists and industry experts, to identify and formulate a truly comprehensive range of modern products that target the needs of horses at work, rest, and retirement.

I am passionate about education and learning, and as a company, I want Maximum Animal Health to bring in experts to share and pass on their knowledge.”

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Maximum Gut Health

Max Gut Health is a probiotic to support a healthy gut environment in horses.

Max Gut Health Plus

A scientific blend of Yeast, FOS and MOS which is key to the digestive wellbeing and performance.

Maximum Joint Health

An advanced complete natural supplement to help support and maintain total joint wellbeing.

Max Hoof Health

A combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that improves hoof & horn condition, reduces splitting and builds hoof strength.

Maximum Calmer

A complementary feed that will help horses maintain a calm and focused temperament when under stressful situations.


A grain free formulation that supports your dog’s microbiome health, wellbeing and immune function.


Read our information on the digestive physiology of the horse, including the stomach and the hindgut.


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