Digestive Wellbeing of Young Dogs & Puppies

Laura Ward Pet Nutritionist rewardingpetnutrition.com info@rewardingpetnutrition.com Weaning is a stressful time for puppies. Being separated from their mother, brothers and sisters, as well as settling into a new family and getting used to new food rather than milk,...

The Gut-Lung Axis

Jennifer Little BSc Hons MSc RNutr PgCertEquinutritionIndependent Equine Nutritionist The horses gut and its interaction with other body systems.The horses digestive system has evolved to survive on a diet of forage, functioning on a relatively poor nutritional value...

Brood Mare: Late Gestation – Lactation

Jennifer Little BSc Hons MSc RNutr PgCertEquinutritionIndependent Equine Nutritionist   Choosing to breed from your mare can be a very exciting time. But, as a pregnancy progresses there are several nutritional factors that need to be considered, especially...

Maximum Gut Health

Max Gut Health is a probiotic to support a healthy gut environment in horses.

Max Gut Health Plus

A scientific blend of Yeast, FOS and MOS which is key to the digestive wellbeing and performance.

Maximum Joint Health

An advanced complete natural supplement to help support and maintain total joint wellbeing.

Max Hoof Health

A combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that improves hoof & horn condition, reduces splitting and builds hoof strength.

Maximum Calmer

A complementary feed that will help horses maintain a calm and focused temperament when under stressful situations.


A grain free formulation that supports your dog’s microbiome health, wellbeing and immune function.


Read our information on the digestive physiology of the horse, including the stomach and the hindgut.


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