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Maximum Gut Health

Max Gut Health is an advanced supplement that has been formulated to help maintain and support a healthy gut environment in horses of all ages in work, convalescence, and retirement. Max Gut Health contains a unique combination of sustainable calcareous marine algae and a highly active live yeast, designed as a probiotic to support gut wellbeing.

Horses have evolved to ingest small quantities of fibrous feeds on an almost continual basis, spending approximately 80% of their time foraging or feeding in the wild. As a result, they can efficiently digest large quantities of fibre but are less able to digest starchy concentrates found in most modern-day hard feeds.

Understanding the digestive physiology of the horse helps to comprehend the best ways to support it in modern management practices. It has been widely documented that maintaining the horse’s digestive health is an essential contributor to sustaining overall horse health, with good digestive health being linked to performance. It is therefore essential to understand the fundamentals of the equine digestive tract to make more appropriate feeding and management choices.

Calcareous marine algae and Live yeast

Max Gut-Health is a unique combination of a sustainable source of calcareous marine algae and a highly active live yeast “Saccharomyces Cerevisiae MUCL 39885 that is designed as a probiotic to support a healthy gut environment.

Horses rely on the large population of bacteria to be present in the hindgut to carry out digestion through a process of fermentation. When horses undergo a period of stress fibre fermentation is often decreased. By supporting the growth of fibre digesting bacteria in the gut this helps to maintain digestive wellbeing and reduce acid accumulation in the hindgut.

The gut can become more acidic for numerous reasons: Low fibre diet, large concentrate meals, insufficient fibre, long periods of time without consuming feed, and even transportation/exercise and stress on the yard. The live yeast within Max Gut-Health, helps to maintain the correct pH balance and promotes the growth of the beneficial good bacteria that support gut flora and a healthy environment in the gut for comfort and digestion efficiency.

By supporting the hind gut during periods of change, within our control or otherwise, the horse can digest forage effectively. By doing so we can keep horses comfortable and able to perform to their best ability. The most important job is to keep the good bacteria in the hind gut prolific and abundant, this allows the bacteria to be able to break down fibre efficiently and absorb nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. This stability in the hind gut environment allows the horse to utilise any food and achieve maximum nutritional value and helps improve overall wellbeing.

Maximum Gut Health

Max Gut Health is a probiotic to support a healthy gut environment in horses.

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